Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰

Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Kayo, Berserker Runt
Mandible Claw
Beast Within
Argh… Smash!
Barraging Big Horn
Predatory Assault
Riled Up
Swing Fist, Think Later
Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Sledge of Anvilheim
Crater Fist
Righteous Cleansing
Stamp Authority
Crush the Weak
Emerging Dominance
Blessing of Serenity
Towering Titan
Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Benji, the Piercing Wind
Zephyr Needle
Breeze Rider Boots
Flood of Force
Rushing River
Torrent of Tempo
Heron’s Flight
Crane Dance
Soulbead Strike
Find Center
Zen State
Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Whirling Mist Blossom
Flying Kick
Bittering Thorns
Salt the Wound
Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Kassai, Cintari Sellsword
Cintari Saber
Courage of Bladehold
Twinning Blade
Unified Decree
Spoils of War
Hit and Run
Push Forward
Out for Blood
Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Data Doll MKII
Plasma Barrel Shot
Viziertronic Model i
Meganetic Shockwave
Absorption Dome
Plasma Purifier
High Speed Impact
Combustible Courier
Teklovossen’s Workshop
Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Red Liner
Perch Grapplers
Poison the Tips
Feign Death
Tripwire Trap
Pitfall Trap
Rockslide Trap
Pathing Helix
Sleep Dart
Increase the Tension
Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Arknight Shard
Reaping Blade
Bloodsheath Skeleta
Rattle Bones
Runeblood Barrier
Dread Triptych
Mauvrion Skies
Consuming Volition
Meat and Greet
Sutcliffe’s Research Notes
Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Aether Conduit
Metacarpus Node
Chain Lightning
Gaze the Ages
Foreboding Bolt
Rousing Aether
Cindering Foresight
Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Talishar, the Lost Prince
Fyendal’s Spring Tunic
Gambler’s Gloves
Coax a Commotion
Gorganian Tome
Reinforce the Line
Promise of Plenty
Cash In
Lunging Press
Springboard Somersault
Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Kavdaen, Trader of Skins
Crucible of War 淬鍊之戰
Shiyana, Diamond Gemini